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Design Education

This space is dedicated to my academic endeavours in design education, where tradition intertwines with innovation. Uncover the narrative of my role as a facilitator, actively shaping the future of design.


This journey is marked by a persistent challenge to time-honoured techniques,

to reimagine and revitalize them through an unconventional lens.


Melding the wisdom of the past with the possibilities of the future,

in a continuous effort to inspire and empower the next generation of creative minds.

Teaching Philosophy

At the core of my teaching is the dynamic cycle of unlearning and relearning. Inspired by Alvin Toffler, I focus on adaptability in thought and practice. 

​This is crucial for staying relevant in the fluid domains of design education, encouraging learners to critically reassess and refresh their understanding with innovative perspectives.

My teaching philosophy is anchored in the belief that design thinking & systems thinking are ever-evolving methodologies, essential in our rapidly advancing, technology-saturated world, where societal norms are in a perpetual state of flux. When used in tandem, these is are not just frameworks or methods but synthesized into a non-linear interdependencies. Thus, advocating for a transformative shift from antiquated concepts to novel, ground-breaking ideas. It's a philosophy that nurtures intellectual, ethical and creative evolution, reflecting the depth and dynamism of design as a discipline.

In my classroom, this belief comes alive through hands-on, real-world projects and critical analysis of failed designs. Learners actively engage, in line with Constructivist Theory. This theory sees learning as an active, contextual process of knowledge construction.

I believe my role is not that of a teacher; I'm a facilitator who provides resources and challenges to enhance learners' skills. This learner-centered approach blends theory with practice, preparing learners to apply design principles creatively and responsibly in real situations. It echoes the principles of Inquiry-Based Learning, creating an engaging, participatory learning environment.

A key part of my teaching is fostering an inclusive, supportive atmosphere where every learner's voice matters, reflecting the Collaborative Learning approach that views learning as a social, interactive process.

Education, in my view, must be transformative and relevant, preparing learners for lifelong learning and be resilient to future challenges. This philosophy aims to develop not just skilled designers but visionary thinkers ready for future uncertainties.

My teaching philosophy intertwines unlearning with relearning, grounded in systems thinking and the transformative power of education. It's about leading learners by promoting adaptability and visionary thinking. My purpose transcends mere instruction; it is a commitment to perpetual evolution, a dedication to ignite the spark of growth and discovery within each learner.

Why am I an academic?

because I am horribly averse to giving up on people

It took me almost a decade and a string of life-altering incidences to realise - how horribly averse I am to giving up on people and ideas. Simply put, nothing makes me feel more alive than seeing unlucky individuals or outlandish ideas succeed. It has helped me become more self-aware and grateful. When I see that I've helped someone else succeed, it reminds me that I, too, can succeed. It inspires me to maintain my upward momentum and pursue more and greater goals for myself.

I had witnessed both the downfall and success of individuals during my professional career. I had witnessed both the giving up of hope and the steadfastness of others. In my experience, I have witnessed both the risk-takers and the cautious. Amidst these people, I think I somehow experienced being around a variety of learners. 

I've spent the last 19 years just building a solid reputation as a creative, business growth strategist, and an eccentric entrepreneur who has helped countless individuals, brands, and businesses innovate, grow, and thrive. However, despite of working hard and not being priviledged I was being labelled as a gravy-train rider for quite some time. It was because of this that, ten years later in my career, I decided to challenge myself more.

At this juncture in my life my mentors, co-workers and family advised me to devote more of my time and resources in supporting ambitious talents. Soon after that, the posh little studio became a stomping ground of many collaborators. When even that wasn't challenging me enough, I went on to become a mother and increase my involvement with students as a visiting faculty. Being closer to students, running a studio and raising a vivacious toddler simultaneously led me to a new understanding of myself – I crave finding ways to small joys

It was the last day of one of my teaching assignments when I received tons of thank you messages and feedbacks from the students. My heart skipped a beat when I came across this anonymous message

"Hi Ma'am! If there is anything I remember being inspired by during my last three years of college, it was your feedback in my jury yesterday and your good-bye speech at the end of your last class today. For the first time in all my years of college, I wanted to sit in the front row and be the closest to a teacher I'd ever been in so many years. Not missing a single word of what you had to say to us. I'm now embarrassed about how ridiculous I must have appeared sitting alone in that row, directly in front of you with that constant grin on my face :/ I think I was the only one who could see your lip quiver as a small tear rolled down your cheek as to wish us all good luck. Trying not to cry, I desperately wanted to get up on that stage and hug you! In classes, you always made me feel like my work was making a difference in your mood (whether the mood was good or bad :D) You never failed to talk to every single student in batch of 40 in all your classes. So, in return for your kindness I thank you for all the days you made me feel that I existed and was a part of a "batch". Thank you even more for your patience when I was being impossible. Thank you for the random sarcastic remarks that I never quite understood but knew it meant I could do better. I wish this place had more teachers like you who could bring hooligans like me back to life. I hope you continue to inspire and improve people like me. I wish I had the courage to say it all again in person someday. Please don't be upset if I don't respond because I'm messaging you from someone else's account. Thank you so much, ma'am!"

Feelings of awe and wonderment overtake me each time I reread this message. It recalls everyone who has helped shape me into who I am today. It is a reminder of how my teachers, mentors, parents, brother, husband, daughter, friends, co-workers never gave up on me. Not just when I was at my lowest, but even when I was the most hopeless, most difficult, most arrogant and god knows what all. 

It's been 1141 days since that day that I began my voyage to becoming a deliberate academic.
Each of these days as a facilitator, mentor and sometimes a teacher has paved my way to a place where I could have an abundance of opportunity to grow as a learner myself. 


Sure, it is difficult and draining, but whenever the heart seems to go out of things and I want to call it a day because of various other concerns surrounding the vocation. Receiving strength and love through messages like these makes me remember how much my life has meaning, purpose, and growth when as a teacher I'm surrounded by students.

Nowhere else have I seen that it is more important to not give up on a person, than in education.


And you already know by now, how horribly averse

I am at giving up on people!


Welcome to a reflective space of my pedagogical & leadership explorations.


This page features a collection of essays delving into the nuanced interplay of challenging and affirming various teaching and learning theories and leadership methods.


Here, I share insights from my experiments and learning during PGCAP (PG Certificate in Academic Practice) & LEAP (PG in Leadership and Management) at UPES 

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Scroll down to dive into these written reflections on transformative power of innovative teaching and

the profound impact it has on shaping inquisitive, engaged learners.

Professional Development & Community Engagement

My odyssey thus far resonates with the journey of a mechanic embarking on a voyage of discovery, where each instance of learning and participation in industry and community is similar to the fine-tuning of a complex engine and the exhilaration of charting unknown paths. Each educational and professional enhancement reflects the mechanic's precision, ensuring every facet of my knowledge and skillset functions at its zenith. This experience parallels a motorcyclist's expedition, with every mile symbolizing a new chapter in my narrative of personal development and societal commitment. This path, characterized by ceaseless learning and proactive involvement, stands as a testament to my dedication to mastering the subtleties of my field and adeptly navigating the ever-changing terrains of society and industry with insight and foresight.

Currently, Im preparing for a Doctorate in Business Management, aiming to deepen my understanding and expertise in the field, and contribute significantly to the sustenance and growth of academic institutions. 

Training & Educational Enhancement

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice from UPES.

  • Postgraduate Program certificate in Leadership and Management from UPES.

  • Incubator Manager Training at NEXUS

  • National Incubator Capacity Development Program by Startup India.

  • Venture Deals Program by Techstars.

  • Marketing in a Digital World course from the University of Illinois Urbana

  • Introduction to Statistics course from Stanford Online.

  • Prompt Engineering course by Vanderbilt University.

  • Trained in advanced technologies like CNC Machining, 5 Axis Laser Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, HPHT, and CVD.

  • Certified Diamond Planner & Grader

  • Applied Jewelry Professional Program.

Active Industry Contributions

  • Held positions as a Board of Studies Convenor at Rajasthan ILD Skills University in both Product Design and Jewellery Design.

  • Mentored startups at TiE, The Indus Entrepreneurs

  • Served as a Mentor at the IIT Bombay E-Cell NEC Mentor Track.

  • Acted as a Juror for the Catalyst Incubator.

  • Served as Manager at Runway Start-up Incubator.

  • Contributed to ADI’s initiatives on Design Curriculum Development 

  • Participated in developing FORHEX’s Industry Interface & Corporate Connect for Design Educators.

  • Represented Pearl Academy in content creation and moderated panel discussions for online events hosted by CII.

  • Created content for panel discussion at 'Whats Next' 2024: Reimagining Education: Designing the Future of Creative Learning

  • Served as a Global Ambassador for Pearl Academy, promoting their learning methods through global exposure and engaging learners in meaningful learning activities.

  • Played a key role as a Core Team Member of the Jaipur Design Carnival.

  • Conducted Design Thinking workshop for LEAP 2022-23 Cohort

Community and Environmental Initiatives

  • Committed to educational initiatives for the underprivileged through LCI

  • Actively volunteered in environmental conservation projects with Project Surat

  • Support and contribute to Mahi Roj, Jaipur Annual Earth Day initiative

  • Ghostwriter for advocacy of: Circular Design, Ethical & Best Practices for Sustenance

gazillion more words to say


As I reflect on my enriching journey through the PGCAP and LEAP programs at Pearl Academy, I am filled with immense gratitude. The opportunity to participate in these programs has been a pivotal experience in my professional and personal growth. A heartfelt thank you to the Leadership at Pearl Academy for this invaluable platform to learn and evolve.

I extend my deepest appreciation to Preeti Dewan & Rahul Nainwal and their dedicated team of facilitators and coordinators, including Jyoti Saini & Awswani Dravid, for their guidance and support. Special thanks to Sabbah Sharma & Nikhil Kala for motivating and guiding me throughout the PGCAP program.

I am particularly grateful to my mentors and guides, Shalini Gupta, Sakshi Jain, Arun Kumar Bhardwaj whose availability, inspiration, and invaluable insights have been a cornerstone of my learning journey. Their support, even at critical times, has been truly remarkable.

To my peers from both programs, thank you for being a source of motivation, for being there as sounding boards, and for generously sharing your knowledge and experiences. Your camaraderie has been a significant part of this journey.

I also want to express my profound gratitude to my friends, colleagues and family for their unwavering support, encouragement, and belief in my capabilities. A special mention to my daughter, who at just 9 years old, has been an incredible motivator and an unknowing mentor throughout these programs. Your presence and support have been my greatest strength.

Thank you all for being part of this transformative journey. Your contributions have been instrumental in my growth and success in the PGCAP and LEAP programs.

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