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A chronicle of innovation and design versatility. Here, I share my journey as a product designer, where functionality meets aesthetics, encompassing a range of disciplines to create impactful solutions

As a product designer, my approach is pragmatic yet innovative, focusing on creating designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also socially impactful and business-savvy. I see design as a strategic puzzle where each piece – aesthetically pleasing, function, and marketability – must fit precisely.

Innovation is at the core of my methodology. It's not just an abstract idea, but a continuous pursuit. I am always seeking the next breakthrough, aiming to create designs that push the boundaries and set new standards in the industry. My method involves a constant exploration of new ideas and techniques, ensuring that each design challenges the norm and introduces fresh perspectives.

My style is about balancing creativity with practicality, ensuring that every design is both groundbreaking and applicable in real-world scenarios. This approach reflects a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of design and its applications.

Profile Summary

2015 - Present



Transformational Leadership: Demonstrated the ability to provide transformative leadership that drives initiatives toward excellence, innovation, and global recognition.

Ethical Standards: A strong commitment to ethical practices, integrity, and professionalism in all endeavors


Growth and Partnerships: Proven track record of driving growth, fundraising, and establishing partnerships, ensuring access to valuable resources

Innovation and Communication: Fostered a dynamic and innovative environment, encouraging productive communication and collaboration among stakeholders

Stakeholder Engagement: Successfully engaged with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including internal and external connections

International Collaborations: Experienced in establishing international collaborations and promoting cross-cultural understanding

Revenue Generation: Proficient in identifying and excelling in revenue-generating opportunities, with a specific focus on the ever-evolving field of design

2004 - 2015

Design Director 

Brand Manager 

Orchestrated the leadership of international design teams, imparting pivotal strategic insights and prowess in the creation of unique diamond cuts for world-renowned luxury conglomerates such as Hublot, Mont Blanc, and LVMH Group.

Pioneered the development of signature collections that featured exclusive, patented diamond cuts and stone-settings.
Collaborated proactively with elite designers across Hong Kong and Europe, predicting market evolutions and forging groundbreaking designs that garnered accolades and awards.

Played a pivotal role at more than 28 international trade exhibitions annually, leading the charge in identifying emerging trends, delving into technology and market analysis, and driving forward key development projects.

Managed and curated comprehensive portfolios for the acquisition of rough diamonds from major mining giants like DTC, Rio Tinto, and Alrosa.

Devised and implemented innovative, worldwide B2B marketing strategies, significantly elevating brand stature and expanding market footprint for entities in varied industries.

Crafted and executed powerful marketing drives and targeted promotional endeavours spanning multiple international markets in varied industries.

New Product Development

Specializing in transforming concepts into market-ready products. This service encompasses ideation, design, prototyping, and testing, ensuring products are innovative, functional, and aligned with market trends.

Research & Development

Focused on exploring  technologies, techniques and materials.


This service involves extensive research to enhance product functionality, sustainability, and user experience, driving forward-thinking solutions.

Design Team Training

Offering tailored training programs to empower design teams. This includes training in design management, trend analysisand effective integration of commercial viability, differentiation and aesthetics, enhancing team creativity and efficiency.

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