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a cynical optimist

A personal gallery of creativity and joy. In this space, I showcase my art, poetry, and cherished moments. It's a window into the things I love and the memories that shape my creative spirit.

Prior to exploring the gallery below, I'd like to humbly share a glimpse of who I am. 

Sarcasm for me is not just a stylistic choice but a full arsenal, as sharp as Occam's razor, effortlessly cutting through societal norms and pretenses, potentially perplexing those new to it.

My humor is as arid as the Sahara yet can deliver a force akin to a sledgehammer. It's a delicate yet surprising element, serving as a light touch to the seriousness of life and work.

In essence, as a human, I may seem to embody a daunting paradox.


a miscellany of muse

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