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Professional Development & Evaluation of Practice

Updated: Jan 30

My professional journey, marked by continuous learning and adaptation, is a reflection of my commitment to not only evolve as an educator but also to elevate the learning experience of my students.

My approach to teaching has been significantly shaped by my experiences and the feedback received during peer observation sessions. For instance, in March 2023, a peer observation involving experienced design educators led to invaluable discussions about my pedagogical methods. This collaborative session allowed me to gain fresh insights and develop a more nuanced understanding of effective instruction. The constructive criticism received was instrumental in refining my teaching practices, leading to a more dynamic and inclusive learning environment.

Consistent with Kolb's Experiential Learning Theory, my instructional strategies have evolved to support student learning through active participation, reflection, and practical application of knowledge. This alignment between theory and practice has been pivotal in fostering a culture of deep and critical thinking among students, enabling them to apply their learning in practical and relevant contexts.

Feedback from observers highlighted my strong commitment to self-reflection and fostering collaboration among students. I have strived to create an environment that encourages inquiry, analysis, and independent study. By adapting my teaching methods to accommodate individual student preferences, I have been able to effectively address the evolving needs of the classroom. This adaptability has not only supported my professional growth but has also significantly enhanced student engagement and learning outcomes.

Observations from my peers have also revealed the effectiveness of employing various teaching strategies, such as the use of visual aids, facilitating discussions, and providing constructive feedback. These methods, aligned with Honey and Mumford's Learning Styles, have been instrumental in catering to the diverse learning preferences of students. By adapting instructional methods to individual learning styles, I have managed to create a classroom atmosphere that promotes active learning, retention, and authentic learning experiences.

Reflecting on this journey, I recognize the profound impact of continuous professional development on my teaching practices. The path I walk is one of relentless professional development and rigorous practice evaluation, perpetually striving to enrich the fabric of higher education with strands of knowledge, ethics, and lifelong learning. It's a commitment to not just impart knowledge but to guide students on a transformative journey of discovery, self-reflection, and growth.


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Related Works

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