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Hey There

This portfolio, a mirror of my professional and personal evolution,

captures the essence of my multifaceted interests. It is a testament to

my journey in design, education and practice.


a narrative of continuous growth, innovation, and transformative influence.

About Me

My 20-year journey in product design, traversing from luxury lifestyle to industrial products, epitomizes a commitment to versatility and an unwavering dedication to design. As a 'Designpreneur', I thrive in domains of education, innovation, product strategy, and brand development. In an era of uncertainty, my focus is steadfast on excellence and the cultivation of inclusive communities.


My ethos is a blend of high performance and collaborative engagement, essential for fostering teamwork and

collective advancement. My professional roles have been diverse, from overseeing luxury brands to pioneering

in research and development in product design. This journey is marked by strategic market positioning and

the introduction of groundbreaking techniques and tools.

Beyond my core roles, as a co-founder of various initiatives, I have mentored emerging entrepreneurs,

led design teams, and nurtured artisans in cutting-edge practices. My consultancy in innovation places me

at the forefront of promoting responsible design practices and sharing knowledge through ghost-writing.

Driven by purpose and a dedication to lifelong learning, I am on a continual quest to expand my expertise.

My goal is to leave a lasting imprint in the fields of design and it's education, creating an ecosystem

that nurtures innovation, fosters excellence, and prepares the next generation of trailblazers.


This portfolio is not just a chronicle of my professional path, but also

a reflection of my aspirations and explorations as a designer and an academic.

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